Tutortoo Tutors Support Pupils in Primary 6 & 7 To Achieve Their Full Potential When Studying For The AQE (Also known as the Common Entrance Assessment) and GL Transfer Tests. 

Working with a private Transfer Test tutor 

Almost half of all P7 pupils in Northern Ireland sit the Transfer Tests each year, in the hope of securing a place at an academically selective grammar school for Year 8. Engaging a private tutor can be a very effective way to support your child in achieving their academic potential. 
Although a small number of schools will accept either an AQE or GL result, most schools accept only one version of the Transfer Test results. It’s important to be sure which test is used by the school to which you are planning to apply. 
At Tutortoo, our tutors work with children in Primary 6 & 7 to provide expert tuition in both the AQE and the GL Transfer Tests. 

Our weekly private tutoring sessions: 

Prepare students for the different types of questions they will face in the Transfer Test they will be taking. 
Teach students the techniques required to answer the questions in the test effectively. 
Equip students with exam specific time management skills to help them complete each assessment efficiently. 
Give students the opportunity to practice using past papers every week. 
Provide marked tests and feedback on a weekly basis. 
Offer emotional support and encouragement to each student through our ‘Study Buddy’ approach. 
We are also committed to supporting parents throughout the transfer process by providing continuous feedback, giving advice and offering a listening ear, as appropriate. 
Regardless of whether or not your child is planning to sit the transfer tests, a private tutor is a great asset in preparing your child to make the transition from Primary to Secondary school. 
AQE Transfer Test 
The AQE test is based on three one hour assessments focused on the English and Maths components of the Northern Ireland Key Stage 2 curriculum. Each paper has 58 questions counting for 64 marks 32 marks for English and 32 marks for Maths, with age standardised scores which ensure no child is disadvantaged because of their age. Because the result is taken from an average of the two highest scoring assessments, children don’t have to sit all three assessments. However, we strongly recommend that candidates take advantage of the option to sit all three papers. 
GL Transfer Test 
The GL test consists of two multiple choice assessment papers taken on the same day. The first 50 minute GL test paper tests a child’s understanding of the English component of the Northern Ireland Key Stage 2 curriculum. The second test assesses Maths and lasts 45 minutes. There is a short practice session before each of the assessments, with time for a snack and a toilet break between the two test papers. Children are graded A, B1, B2, C1, C2 or D and grades are allocated on the basis of a combined total of the Standardised Age Scores. 
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